Organic Fucoidan from New Zealand Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame)

Health Benefits of Fucoidan

Organic Undaria Pinnatifida Extract 85% Fucoidan is a product of the New Zealand Company WAIKAITU LTD.

The extract is 100% produced from the sporophylls of the Undaria Pinnatifida Brown Seaweeds harvested by Waikaitu in the Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand and Waikaitu’s low-temperature extraction process ensures its bioactivity. The concentration of Fucoidan in our Extract is: 85%

The second major component of the extract is Fucoxanthin. (It takes 150 kilos of Fresh seaweeds to make 1 Kilo of concentrated extract of Fucoidan) . The recommended RDA is 1 gram per day.This dosage is suitable for any healthy person looking for a simple improvement of the immune system .Brown seaweed being a health food in itself,its extract is a highly concentrated nutritional supplement,and the daily consumption of this sea vegetable – (200 000 tons/year consumed in Japan) – contributes to the legendary longevity of the Okinawan island populations.

The Fucoidan extracted from the sporophylls of the Undaria Pinnatifida has different interesting biological effects and is a serious a help for doctors.

It is a   natural bioactive ingredient  of choice to include in functional foods . Indeed,at other dosages,it may:

– regulate diabetes

regulate Hypertension

– lower bad cholesterol blood levels ,

-suppress  angiogenesis,which   stops the developpement of cancer tumors and overcomes any  cancer at any stage of its development ,using  3 grams to 8 grams per day. This effect is exactly proportional to the dosage employed.Its action is therefore the fastest with the  maximum dosage.

stop the growth of human leukemia cells and allows natural treatment of leukemia.


 The amazing power of Fucoidan,a book by  Dr Daisuke TACHIKAWA ,

4 EBooks: Ebook 1 , Ebook 2, Ebook 3,Ebook 4,published by Kamerycah Inc, based on the results of the Medical Research made by the Institute of Research  on Fucoidan (NPO) in Japan.

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-Fucoidan also has a potent anticoagulant and antithrombotic activity,identical to the one of anticoagulant drugs such as Heparin,Coumadin…etc,with the exact same effect,i.e. a half life of about 3 to 4 hours in the body.Thus,3 grams per day taken morning,noon and evening ensure a continuous effect all day long for people wanting to take control of blood clotting disorders.

 KBSI Study   (Korea Basic Science Institute).It is one of the many studies – conducted over a period of sixty years in many different countries-  that have also demonstrated the anticoagulant activity of the Fucoidan extracted from the Undaria Pinnatifida Sporophylls,which makes  Fucoidan the perfect candidate for replacement of the anticoagulant drugs.

Precautions of use:
Fucoidan having a similar effect to the one of Coumadin/Heparin,should not be consumed as an addition to these drugs but really as a replacement ,and must never be consumed before a surgery (not even dental surgery,common sense,of course).
-Fucoidan protects dopaminergic neurons from death  in Parkinson’s disease .

-Fucoidan promotes the renewal,regeneration,the release and the prolifération of adult DC34+ stem cells  from the bone marrow and has an effect on  bone repair induced by mesenchymal stem cells.It has been shown to improve the osteogenic differenciation of the   ASC in vitro.

Quality Assurance :

If you are concerned by what you put into your body,you will find useful to listen to the conclusions of Mike ADAMS,Director of independant Food Analysis ,after his analysis of brown seaweeds samples of all origins…He made a discovery no less than amazing  .

He explains in his video  Heavy Metals Analysis Report of brown seaweeds wakame that the New Zealand undaria is the only one on the market to be totally free of all contaminants and  of heavy metals , thanks to the strict New Zealand environmental policy and to the absence of any polluting or heavy industry in the country.

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